Food and Diet

Goldendoodle dogs - Goldendoodle food and diet

At around 12-14 weeks the pups start to lose interest in their milk-based meals, so this is the time to increase the biscuit content in their two meat meals, breakfast and supper.  At around 9 months, most puppies will be having two meals, lunch time and early dinner/late tea or breakfast and early dinner/late tea, whatever suits your routine.  The best meal to drop is the dinner meal as this will help your puppy to get through the night without waking you up to go to the toilet.  At around 18 months, your dog will be down to one meal a day, with maybe a light breakfast.

If a completely dry diet is more convenient for you, there is a huge range available on the market, speak to your vet about the best diet for your Goldendoodle, as you must make sure your dog is receiving the correct amounts of nutrition – basically a balanced diet.

Incidentally, dogs can survive without food for a few days, but they won’t survive without water so you must ensure your dog has access to a bowl of water at all times.