Is the Goldendoodle right for me?

The Goldendoodle, with his wonderful coat and gentle temperament, makes an excellent family pet. However, not everyone is right for this breed. Find out all you need to know below.

Do you need a guard dog?

If you’re looking for a dog that can warn you of intruders, or ward off strangers, the Goldendoodle is probably not for you. He is just too calm and friendly! These dogs are not usually barkers and they aren’t terribly suspicious of strangers. If you want a dog that has watchdog abilities, you are better off looking for a breed with a guarding heritage like a German Shepherd.

Do you want a dog that gets on well with strangers?

If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a dog that will happily approach and be petted by strangers without getting nervous, the Goldendoodle could well be for you. You can happily take these friendly dogs anywhere and they will behave well. This is provided, of course, that they have been raised in the right environment as a puppy.

Do you have allergies?

Whilst the Goldendoodle doesn’t come 100% allergy free, this breed is one of the least likely to cause allergic reactions or make them worse. This is because Goldendoodles usually inherit the low dander, low shedding coats of their Poodle relatives. As a rule, the more Poodle in your dog’s bloodline, the less likely they are to cause allergies.

Are you good at grooming?

Whilst these dogs aren’t the highest maintenance breed, they are certainly not low maintenance either. A certain amount of grooming is going to be necessary in order to keep that lovely coat looking and feeling its best. Several times a week you will need to brush your Goldendoodle gently and thoroughly to remove any loose hair and prevent matting. This means the breed needs considerably more grooming than shorter haired breeds, so be prepared!

Do you have a well-fenced garden?

Goldendoodles love to follow their noses, and this can sometimes lead them into trouble! If this breed catches wind of a particularly intriguing scent, they can have a tendency to follow it, even if it leads them miles from home. If you’re letting your Goldendoodle out to play in the garden, be sure that it is securely fenced with no opportunities for escaping.

Do you have other pets?

In general, the Goldendoodle is a good choice if you need a breed that gets on well with other dogs and pets. They aren’t naturally aggressive and should not cause a fuss if introduced to other pets slowly and carefully.

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