The Goldendoodle temperament

What kind of personality does the Goldendoodle have? What is the Goldendoodle like as a family pet? Here are some useful answers.

Friendly with strangers

The Goldendoodle tends to be quite confident and makes friends easily with any new people he is introduced to. Whilst some breeds are suspicious, aloof or fearful with strangers, the Goldendoodle has none of these hang-ups and will be quite happy to be petted by anyone he meets on his travels. This is provided, of course, that he has had a variety of good experiences with people as a puppy.

Trustworthy and reliable

Many Goldendoodles make excellent service dogs, either as guide dogs for the blind, or simply as therapy pets. This is because they have steady, calm personalities and are happy to go with the flow most of the time. They’re quite gentle and sensitive, making them good for owners with disabilities.

Good with children

As long as the Goldendoodle is treated with a gentle touch, he will be great with children. Happy and playful, but not too large to be overpowering, he is a good fit for any family. Just make sure that younger children are taught how to handle him with care.

Well behaved with other animals

When the Goldendoodle is raised and socialised well as a puppy, he is generally good with other animals and gets on quite well with other dogs. He is quite happy to approach other dogs in the park to say a friendly hello. And if you have other pets at home, he will usually behave quite well with them. Goldendoodles don’t have the same prey drive that other breeds do, meaning that they don’t have the urge to hunt or chase smaller animals.

Needs affection and companionship

These sociable dogs need a fair amount of human companionship in order to be happy. If you’re going to be at the office for eight hours a day, leaving your dog alone in an empty house, then a Goldendoodle (or any dog, in fact) is not for you. If you can’t provide this essential need for your dog then you are better off choosing a different type of pet. The Goldendoodle has a working ancestry where both the Poodle and the Retriever were trained to work closely with humans, and so they need that human bond in their daily lives in order to feel content.

Intelligent and lively

The Goldendoodle is clever and the advantage of this is that he will be relatively easy to train. However, the disadvantage is that he will get bored easily if left alone and will try to find his own entertainment, which can lead to mischief around the home. You will need to keep this breed’s mind stimulated with plenty of toys and games in order for him to be happy, healthy and well behaved.

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