What do Goldendoodles need to be happy?

The best kind of Goldendoodle owner is one that actively looks for ways to make their dog happy and healthy. Here are some important things that every Goldendoodle needs to stay happy.

Space to play

If you have a garden your Goldendoodle will just love being let out a few times a day to frolic in the grass. These dogs are naturally very inquisitive and just love being given the opportunity to sniff out interesting scents and watch the world go by. A word of warning though: gardens must be well fenced! Once this dog catches wind of an interesting scent, he may jump over fences or squeeze through gaps in order to follow it!

Games and activities

These dogs have a heritage of being working dogs, with both the Poodle and the Golden Retriever having a long history of being retrieving dogs. As such, they just love being put to work, whether it’s fetching your slippers, sniffing out a favourite hidden treat or even trying agility challenges.

Lots of companionship

The Goldendoodle loves company, and he will be very unhappy indeed if he is left alone all day. If you can’t be at home with your dog for most of the day, you should ideally get a companion dog to keep your Doodle company.


These dogs love to keep active! Like most dog breeds, the more exercise you give them, the better. If you vary your walks they will be even happier – why not try the beach, the woods or the river for a change? Be sure that your Goldendoodle is trained to come when called before you let him off the lead, and always make him stay within earshot of you on walks.

A careful owner

The Goldendoodle needs an owner who cares enough about his thick coat not to let it get matted and dirty. Plenty of gentle brushing with a natural bristled brush is key to keeping the coat feeling and looking good.

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